Danish Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht (right) is welcomed to the Fehmarn Link Business Conference by Stig Rømer Winther, Director of Femern Belt Development.

The Femern project has more large tenders on the horizon.

This became apparent during the Fehmarn Link B2B Conference, which took place on the 9th September 2021, Rødbyhavn, Denmark, where presentations were made by some of the mega-project’s key actors, amongst others, the Danish Minister of Transport, Benny Engelbrecht.

The 650 participants, mainly from Denmark and Germany, but including a further 8 European countries, received valuable information about the current status of the project, as well as an overview of the upcoming tenders from the construction owner, Femern A/S and from the leading consortia, Fehmarn Belt Contractors (FBC) and Femern Link Contractors (FLC).

Electrical and mechanical installations

The upcoming large tenders to be issued by Femern A/S concern all of the electrical and mechanical installations in the tunnel proper, as well as the construction of the transformer station, which will supply the electrical installations and the tunnel train with green electricity.

Elements of the electrical and mechanical tender include ventilation, lighting, safety and monitoring systems and cables.

Technical Director at Femern A/S, Jens Ole Kaslund, announced at the conference that Femern A/S has already pre-qualified 3 consortia for the tender, all of which were represented at the Femern Link Business Conference:

  • Braveco (Sweden, France, Denmark and Norway)
  • Femern Technical Contractors (Austria, Germany, Holland and Switzerland)
  • SICE-Cobra (Spain, USA, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia)

The contract for the electrical and mechanical installations is expected to be agreed during the second half of 2022.

Transformer station under tender

The second large tender concerns the establishment of a transformer station in Rødbyhavn for the electricity supply to the train through the tunnel, as well as to the lighting and many other electrical installations through the tunnel.

Femern A/S has also pre-qualified the following 3 consortia for this tender:

  • Bravida-Efacec-GE-Consortium – Bravida Danmark A/S, EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas S.A., Portugal and GE Energy Power Conversion GmbH, Germany
  • Elecnor – ELECNOR S.A., Spain
  • Siemens-Aarsleff – Siemens Mobility A/S and Aarsleff Rail A/S, both Denmark

This contract is also expected to be agreed during the second half of 2022.

FLC ready with more work

Femern Link Contractors (FLC), which is responsible for building the tunnel, portals and ramps, has already entered into agreements with a number of subcontractors.

This includes construction of the tunnel factory, concrete production, office buildings and tunnel town (living quarters), cement deliveries, fencing and gates, security guards, access and monitoring.

With regards to services, there are agreements for bus services, catering, cleaning, laundry, living quarters and emergency services.

During the conference, the project directors, Christian Lundhus and Hakim Naceur, revealed that upcoming suppliers of machines and equipment, such as telescopic lifts, trucks with cranes, trailers and mobile concrete pumps would be subcontracted.

Concrete suppliers includes cement, fly ash, slag and sand.

An overview of already concluded agreements and upcoming tenders can be found in the PowerPoint that Femern Link Contractors presented at FLBC B2B.

Companies can register themselves with FBC

Fehmarn Belt Contractors (FBC) has also already entered into agreements with a number of suppliers and more are expected in the near future.

Companeis that wish to become subcontractors to FBC can register on the consortium’s supplier portal at this web address: https://www.fehmarnbeltcontractors.com/procurement/

See the Fehmarn Link Business Conference presentations here:​​​​​

Femern A/S, Jens Ole Kaslund 

Femern Link Contractors, Christian Lundhus og Hahim Naceur 

Fehmarn Belt Contractors, Herm Pol 

Fehmarn Belt Contractors, Frank Stikkel 

Stig Rømer Winther, Director Femern Belt Development flanked by the project directors, Christian Lundhus and Hakim Naceur of Femern Link Contractors.