Femern Belt Development has been a central actor in the realization of the Femern project for the past 13 years. With strong networks in both Denmark and Germany, we can disseminate key information directly, creating a basis for local company growth.  
We focus on active communication, giving companies insight into business opportunities in relation to the fixed Femern Belt link, as well as developments in the Danish-German Femern Belt region.
We issue our newsletter “Femern Belt Update” each month – which you can register to receive

The newsletter is issued in Danish, English and German.
You can find more information about relevant services and projects that Femern Belt Development can offer Danish and international companies, here on our website.
We have good relations with the Press and can arrange PR-visits for Danish and international journalists throughout the year. PR-visits are carried out in close cooperation with Femern A/S, the consortia and other working partners. 
Contact Communication Advisor, Finn Sørensen – – if you have reliable news you wish us to highlight in our newsletter, or if you have any questions regarding the material we communicate.
Femern Belt Development’s communication activities include:
• website
•    Femern Belt Update Newsletter
•    Press visits

Further information:


Communication advisor Finn Sørensen, phone +45 40462213, E-mail:

Finn is a graduate of Denmark’s College of Journalism and his career has included working as a journalist, editing secretary and news editor specializing in business journalism.

As earlier CEO of a communication and web bureau, Finn has also worked with web-portal development and communication solutions for companies. Since 2007, Finn has worked as freelance journalist and communication consultant.