Managing Director
Stig Rømer Winther
Phone: +45 2819 8228
Date of employment:

Stig has more than 30 years of experience at managerial level within the tourism and business development sector. He has broad experience of international cooperation and has held board member positions within the tourism industry, cruise industry, airline industry and automotive industry, amongst others.

Stig has been Managing Director for Femern Belt Development and working with the Femern Belt project since March 2008. Over the last 13 years, Stig has built up a vast network among central stakeholders in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein.

Stig’s expertise:

  • Stakeholder interest regarding policy, local authorities, business sectors, business and market branch organisations in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein
  • Strategy related to business development opportunities created by the Femern project
  • Branding Femern Belt Region; Investment opportunities and identification of new companies/business sectors
  • Strategy regarding development of new or supporting infrastructures

Communication and Relations Manager
Camilla Nordstrøm
Phone: +45 2972 3024
Date of employment:

Camilla has a background in science and health, supplemented with a Master in Professional Communication. With strong organisational competences and broad practical experience, Camilla works with project management and coordination, event coordination and execution, communication and branding.
Currently, Camilla is responsible for:

•    Project management, “Femern Vækst”,  together with CELF project secretariat
•    Project management, “Femern Change Zealand”, supporting project lead partner, Business Hub Zealand
•    Femern Belt Marketplace, web-portal support and maintenance and networking event “Femern Fridays
•    Planning and hosting of business events 2022 - 2023
•    Communication, SoMe

Administrator and Senior Project Advisor
Hilary Karlson
Phone: +45 2127 7464
Date of employment:

With more than 35 years of experience in administration, coordination and project management on the international business and service industry market, Hilary has first-hand knowledge of cross-border and cross-sectorial collaboration. Hilary works with:

  • Project management and administration
  • Event and conference planning, coordination and execution
Communication Advisor
Finn Sørensen
Phone: + 45 4046 2213
Date of employment:

Finn is a graduate of Denmark’s College of Journalism and his career has included working as a journalist, editing secretary and news editor specializing in business journalism.

As earlier CEO of a communication and web bureau, Finn has also worked with web-portal development and communication solutions for companies. Since 2007, Finn has worked as freelance journalist and communication consultant.

Project Assistant and Event Coordinator
Amalie Nielsen
Phone: +45 4263 7459
Date of employment:

Amalie has joined us directly from a clerical position in Greenland, where she was responsible for communication for the Greenland Board of Health. Previously, Amalie has worked as an innovation consultant at Copenhagen University, where she supported Start-Up students. 

Amalie has experience with, i.e.:

  • Innovation: User needs, idea generation, test, financing, pitching
  • Communication: Presentations, websites, marketing, video, SoMe
  • Community Building: Matchmaking, partnerships, networks
  • Events: Planning, coordination and evaluation

At Femern Belt Development, Amalie will contribute to the further development of the Fehmarn Innovation Hub in the frame of the Business Lighthouse Femern project, as well as supporting the coordination of conferences and events.

Administrative consultant
Kenneth Friis Hansen
Phone: +45 2364 0928
Date of employment:

Kenneth has a background in finance and has earlier worked as an estate agent, which has given him four years of experience in understanding people, their needs and wishes.

Kenneth has worked with:

  • Finance/accounts
  • Case management
  • Coordination

Kenneth is well organised, effective and a good communicator, enabling Kenneth to carry out significant administrative tasks, as well as being able to assist with larger projects.

Manager of Projects
Jes Christiansen
Phone: +45 2361 7612
Date of employment:

Jes has 14 years’ experience with project management in the private business sector within organisation, establishment and management of companies, as well as 14 years’ experience within management and project management at CELF vocational educational college.

Project Advisor
Louise Boye Moe
Phone: +45 5136 0716
Date of employment:

Louise has a background in intercultural business communication and has extensive experience as a project manager and consultant from the private and public sectors, including experience with Danish-German projects and collaborations under EU Interreg.

Louise works with the following tasks:

- Femern Business Lighthouse II: business development programmes for companies, including project development, networking and facilitation

- Planning and coordination of conferences/events

  • - Secretary of the Fehmarn Belt Committee