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The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is at the centre of a new development strategy for Region Zealand

"The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link allows us to have great visions. It is a unique opportunity to make us into a European hub for green growth, innovation, exchange and international co-operation. It is therefore crucial that we already now plan for the...

New activities in Business Park Falster

With the opening of a fast charging station with 18 charging stations, Business Park Falster has added another activity at Exit 43 on the E47 motorway. Clever is behind the initiative, increasing the capacity on Lolland-Falster for the ever-growing...

Blowing the whistle for departure: a new climate-friendly railway connecting Denmark and Europe

2024 is to be the year in which the construction of the new climate-friendly railway connecting Europe via the future Fehmarn Belt Link really takes shape. The approximately 115-kilometre-long Ringsted-Femern line has already been completed on the...

Construction of a unique viewpoint for the Fehmarn belt construction started

The establishment of a new viewpoint - Pilen (The Arrow) - over the construction of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel was launched on 11th January 24, with the groundbreaking ceremony by Mayor Holger Schou Rasmussen, Lolland Municipality and CEO Mikkel...

Facts about the Femern Belt Fixed Link

The Femern tunnel will be an 18 kilometer long immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany. It will be the world's longest immersed tunnel combined for both cars and trains.

Get a quick overview and keyfigures about the project.

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