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Femern A/S has just announced the international consortium “SICE-Cobra” as the winner of the multi-million-euro Technical, Electrical, Mechanical (TEM) tender.

SICE-Cobra is not unknown to the Nordic countries. In recent years, the consortium has won several contracts for e.g. major Swedish infrastructure projects, and last year they won the task of implementing the electrical installations on 23 kilometres of motorway in Norway of which 15 were tunnel sections.

Amount of Fehmarn-work expected to increase significantly over the next 2-3 years

Many Danish companies have already been brought into play. German companies are now also looking towards the Fehmarn Belt project. Four months after the official construction start, and a number of Danish companies have already won assignments on the...

Plan for permanent tunnel factory taking shape

In the Danish Parliament, there is broad political agreement to extend the life of the factory that will supply the tunnel pipes to the Fehmarn connection.

Originally, the plan was for the factory to be demolished after the last Fehmarn element is produced.

But now, politicians would like to see the factory continue to produce elements for other projects.

These could be i.e. the new harbor tunnel in Copenhagen, a future Kattegat connection, a new Limfjord connection and/or a fixed connection between Als and Fyn.

Production of elements for future Danish energy islands and supplying foreign infrastructure projects have also been mentioned as possibilities.

Mega-project Femern Belt tunnel shooting up

The birth of the Femern Belt tunnel is indeed an impressive sight!
To the east of Rødbyhavn, the entrepreneur consortia Fehmarn Belt Contractors are in full action, constructing the working harbour and docks that will receive the materials for the production of the tunnel elements, and from where the finished elements will be sailed out to their final position in the Baltic Sea.
To the right is a picture from the construction site, as it appeared at May 2022.
We will be following the construction work closely with regular photo updates of the huge construction site, thanks to our good cooperation with Femern A/S.

Femern Belt cup 2019
Femern Belt cup 2019



Keep updated on the Fehmarn Belt fixed link and of developments in the Fehmarn Belt Region.

Platform for private housing and business facilities for rent

The construction of the Femern Belt tunnel will attract thousands of employees, some of whom will need temporary housing, as well as businesses that will need local business facilities.

Whether you are looking for accommodation, a home or premises for your business, or whether you are a property owner wanting to rent out your property, visit

The portal is operated by Femern Belt Development. 

Femern Belt cup 2019
Femern Belt cup 2019

New opportunities for Danish companies with projekt "Femern Vækst (Growth)"

"Femern Vækst (Growth)" offers Danish companies who aim to become subcontractors to the Femern Belt project a new opportunity to identify their growth potential. The project offers individual consultation and growth plans and on this basis, competence and skills development at both management and employee level.

Femern Belt Development is a partner in this project which is financially supported by the Danish Business Promotion Board.

Facts about the Femern Belt Fixed Link

The Femern tunnel will be an 18 kilometer long immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany. It will be the world's longest immersed tunnel combined for both cars and trains.

Get a quick overview and keyfigures about the project.

Femern Belt cup 2019
Femern Belt cup 2019

Your fast-track subcontractor database

FEMERN BELT MARKETPLACE provides an overall overview of potential subcontractors and business partners.

The easy way for companies to ensure visibility - The easy way for consortia and contractors to find qualified partners.