The Femern tunnel must be operated in a climate-friendly way with green electricity and with a focus on energy efficiency and future-proof solutions, ensuring the use of the latest technologies and addressing the green transition of road and rail transport. This is the core of the tender that Femern A / S is now issuing. Illustration: Femern A / S

The contract concerning the electrical systems through the tunnel is one of the largest in the construction of the 18 km connection between Denmark and Germany. The tender, which also includes the ventilation, lighting and safety systems along with maintenance, is launched as a turn-key contract of 750 million Euros.

Renewable energy sources
It is not only the size of the contract that puts it in the international heavyweight class. For the the Femern tunnel to contribute to the green transition of the transport sector, the electrical transmission system must be as energy efficient as possible and future-proof. Not only will the electricity for the operation of the tunnel in 2029 come from renewable energy sources, it must also be ensured that the supplied electricity is used as efficiently as possible, Femern A/S informs.

Use of new technologies
“High mobility and energy efficiency are important elements in our work to make the Femern tunnel an attractive connection between Denmark and Germany,” says Mr Claus Baunkjær, CEO, Femern A/S . “In the new tender, we focus on the immersed tunnel being prepared for the utilisation of new technologies and service of the various green modes of transport of the future.” 

Femern A/S will complete the tender and pre-qualification process in 2021, with the contract expected to be awarded in 2022-23.