The development plans for HUB 48 Maribo include a logistics centre. Illustration: HUB 48 Maribo

5th September 2023 -

The success of Maribo Business Park means that Lolland Municipality is now able to prepare for further expansion of the park.

"It is an optimal scenario for the municipality. Maribo Business Park is a development area with local, regional and international development potential, not least due to its strategic location close to the future permanent Fehmarnbelt link. The business community's interest in the business park is so great that we are now starting preparations for an expansion to meet future needs," says Mayor Holger Schou Rasmussen, Lolland Municipality.

Business area for transport-intensive business and services
The future new business park is aimed at companies with high transport needs and the servicing of these, as well as other traffic on the main road network.

This means that the business park will, in principle, allow for everything from large offices, entrepreneurs, production, food, wholesale and shipping companies to concrete and asphalt factories.

In addition, there will be opportunities for smaller service industries that also have special representative and/or transport needs, i.e. petrol and service stations, smaller wholesale, logistics and warehousing companies with a need for exposure, information centres and the like, restaurants, hotels, etc.

The local plan for the first two phases of Maribo Business Park does not allow for the establishment of retail trade, but in the future plan the possibility of establishing retail trade within the park will be explored.

Business park in four phases
In 2017, Lolland Municipality and NIRAS developed a masterplan together for Maribo Business Park, divided into four development phases.

The local plan for phase 1 was approved in 2018, and in 2023 the local plan for phase 2 was approved, by which time phase 1 was largely constructed upon or sold.

Creating HUB 48 Maribo
In 2022, the German development company, Peper & Söhne Corporate Group, through its newly founded Danish subsidiary Peper og Soehne ApS, acquired 50,000 square metres of land in Maribo Business Park and has launched the business park “HUB 48 Maribo”.

The development of HUB 48 Maribo will take place in two phases:

In the first phase, craftsman space will be built; primarily aimed at local companies and companies involved in the construction of the Fehmarnbelt link.

In the second phase, focus will be on companies that need larger production areas or logistics space.

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