"Simson" is one of the big excavators digging the tunnel trench to the Fehmarn connection. Photo: Femern A/S

Yet another milestone has been reached in the construction of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel. Half of the total amount of earth for the trench, which will accommodate the 18-kilometer-long immersed tunnel to Germany, has now been excavated, informs Femern A/S.
The Dutch consortium FBC, which has the task of excavating the tunnel trench, has deployed some of the world's largest excavators. In addition, barges, tugs and other work vessels are involved in supporting the task. Together with the establishment of the tunnel factory in Rødbyhavn, more than 1,200 tunnel workers are now employed in the construction of the immersed tunnel.

Specialized vessels and machinery
"We are proud to have reached 50 percent of the excavation work. This has been possible thanks to the expertise and dedication of FBC's employees and partners, as well as the use of several specialized vessels and machines on land and of course, thanks to the good collaboration with Femern A/S,” says project director at FBC, Bart Pröpper.
Up to 19 million cubic meters of seabed material is scheduled to be excavated. Most of the material is be recycled as landfill to the east and west of Rødbyhavn and at Fehmarn on the German side, where it will become part of new nature and large recreational areas.

Construction project of great importance, says Minister
The construction project is of great importance for the business community, employment opportunities on Lolland and in the region, as well as a place of training for apprentices, thus ensuring the future availability of skilled craftsmen. At the same time, the completed tunnel will make an important contribution to the green transformation of the transport industry and a fast train connection to Europe. Therefore, it is really good news that the construction of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel is going according to plan, and that this important milestone has been reached on the project,” says Minister of Transport, Trine Bramsen.
Excavation work on the tunnel trench for the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel began in July 2021 and is expected to be completed in 2024. 

Protects the environment and works with great precision
The excavation equipment is chosen not only for its size, but also in consideration of the work that needs be carried out in relation to the surrounding marine environment.
FBC’s excavators work with great precision in the great water depths of the Fehmarn Sound. The work is carried out as carefully as possible, and the amount of spilled excavation material is far below the threshold agreed with the Danish and German authorities.
We are, of course, happy that the work is going according to plan. Our focus is now on the next goals of the project. For us, it is important that the Fehmarn Belt tunnel is built as sustainably as possible. Together with our contractors, we therefore constantly try to find opportunities to optimize the project for the benefit of the environment and to contribute to knowledge for future infrastructure projects, ”says Henrik Vincentsen, CEO of Femern A/S.