The latest knowledge will be put into play in the rail tunnels of the Fehmarn tunnel. Illustration: Femern A/S

In 2023, Femern A/S will issue the tender for the major task of establishing the track and the electrical train steering system for the Fehmarnbelt tunnel.

In order to ensure the best possible offer and optimal technology, Femern A/S is already inviting potential bidders to contribute with their latest knowledge in the field, Femern A/S informs.

Requires special solutions

The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel and its railway is a unique project that requires very special solutions. An exciting development is underway to ensure climate-friendly and energy-efficient solutions, of which we are very aware. Therefore, we want to invite potential bidders to contribute to our knowledge, thereby ensuring that the final tender is the best possible, ”says Technical Director Jens Ole Kaslund, Femern A/S.

The invitation to the potential bidders by Femern A/S has been published in a notification of the forthcoming tender, a so-called PIN, on the EU tender page.

Interested companies wishing to contribute to the further process will be invited by Femern A/S to individual discussions.

Environmental requirements play a significant role

The forthcoming tender - called the TTC tender (Tunnel Track and Catenary) - comprises a total of 25 kilometers of two-lane railway built for 200 km/h as well as an overhead line, of which 18 kms will be in the tunnel itself plus a total of 7 kms outside the tunnel on the Danish and German sides.

This is a significant section with several special conditions, where especially the available space in the tunnel and our environmental requirements play significant roles. We hope that more market players will find the challenges and the task interesting and will contribute with their know-how,” says Jens Ole Kaslund.

A green shortcut for transport

Femern A/S expects to complete the discussions with interested parties in 2022. The tender itself is expected to be announced no later than Spring 2023, with the announcement of the final winner of the TTC contract in the spring of 2025.

When the tunnel with its electrified railway is completed in 2029, it will be a green shortcut for goods transport and rail passengers to Europe, with a passage time of 7 minutes and a saved detour of 160 kms compared to today.