Femern Belt Development organises various conferences and information meetings for Danish and foreign companies throughout the year. Our aim is to create a business environment where companies can meet each other and create working relations, whilst being regularly updated on the progress of the construction work.

 All the events we hold will be announced in our newsletter “Femern Update”. Register for the newsletter in English here 

Our events are open to all.

Femern Belt Development also organizes cross-border events to strengthen cooperation and knowledge between Danish and German companies in the Femern Belt Region, with the belief that Key Information and Key Relations will lead to increased business opportunities.

Here is a list of events planned for 2022:

·       BeltCup Business Conference

·      Femern Fridays

Further information:


Communication and Social Media Consultant Camilla Nordstrøm, phone +45 2972 3024 E-mail:

Camilla has background in science and health, supplemented with a Master Degree course in Professional Communication and has strong organisational competences and practical experience regarding communication. Camilla works with coordination and running of events, communication and branding, as well as:

  • Support and maintenance of web-portals, e.g Femern Belt Marketplace, Femern Housing & Facilities
  • Planning and hosting of business events
  • Communication, SoMe
  • Project assistance – administration and communication


Administrator and Event Coordinator Hilary Karlson, phone +45 2127 7464. E-mail:

With more than 35 years of experience in administration, coordination and project management on the international business and service industry market, Hilary has first-hand knowledge of cross-border and cross-sectorial collaboration. Hilary works with:

  • Project management and administration
  • Event and conference planning, coordination and execution