Visual Climate Center

Visual Climate Center is situated at Denmarks first sugar factory, established in 1874.

On the top floor, beneath suspended steel beams and with fantastic views, you will find our modern conference facilities. The centre has capacity for 150 delegates, but can easily be adapted for a smaller number of delegates and with any table arrangement you wish. We can provide presentation equipment such as projectors, screens and Wi-Fi.

If you have any special requests or ideas, we can easily put together an event to meet your particular needs. Food and drink can be arranged by agreement, and if accommodation is required, we can be helpful as well.

You can also bring your own exhibitions to conferences.

At Visual Climate Center we also focus on dissemination regarding climate changes using a special tool called Science On a Sphere®. Science On a Sphere® is a dynamic animated globe, which uses advanced technology to show images of the atmosphere, the oceans, the continents, the moon and the solar system. The tool generally helps to tell about the changes that are happening to the world as a result of climate change, and thereby gives a better understanding of our world and the consequences of humans' impact on natural processes.

Science On a Sphere® has been developed as an educational tool but can also be used as an interesting feature during a meeting or conference.

It can be booked for a presentation about climate changes, but it is also possible to hear about specific issues. Normally a presentation will last an hour. 

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