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Sustainable ventilation: Thinking the environment into the design and manufacturing of ventilation equipment and fans is quite natural and essential for Novenco Building & Industry A/S with headquarters in Denmark. The resource friendly products reflect this dedication with long lifetimes and environmentally safe production processes.

Land based applications and markets are the focal point of our business. Here we develop and implement high efficient ventilation fans that advance the balance between outdoor and indoor climates. The benefit to the environment is the use of minimal amounts of energy and reduction in the discharge of harmful substances.

When car parks are ablaze our ventilation systems aid in controlling the fires. Even in such critical situations, the focal point is on the environment as the amount of energy for the systems is minimal. This protects lives and spares the environment.

Our Danish production is in agreement with the environment since we are committed to the ISO 14001 standard. This tells us to diminish the strain we put on the environment as we reduce energy consumption, improve waste sorting, minimise steel scrap, and evaluate our product range and suppliers from an environmental point of view. The effort it takes to serve the environment and markets with the right products is a constantly growing challenge we commit ourselves to every day.

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