Network Zealand


Network Zealand
Fabriksvej 9
Holeby 4960
54° 42' 45.576" N, 11° 28' 51.5712" E

At Network Zealand we make a positive effort to attract work for the members of the network and let all members bid on a given job – either alone or in cooperation with other companies. What is important to us is to attract as many jobs to the network members as possible.

The network is member owned and all membership fees go towards the running of the network and its events. There are no “owners” whose aim is to make a living from network activities. The aim is that the members alone make an earning from the network.

As a member of Network Zealand you are encouraged, not only to bid on various jobs that are channelled down through the network, but also to be ready to cooperate with other member companies on bidding for individual jobs or part enterprises, in connection with for example large construction projects locally, nationally and internationally.

The main object is to take advantage of the qualifications and resources across all member businesses, and thereby creating syndicates that can bid on jobs, that can provide a quality and volume, that exceeds the individual company’s capability.

Come and visit Network Zealand and hear more about how we, as a modern business network, create opportunities and growth for our members.

It is fascinating to get on short range of the construction sites. We share our knowledge with you. Take at look at our Tours. Pay us a visit and add knowledge to your company.

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