Geopark Odsherred


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Holtets Plads 1
Nykøbing Sj. 4500
55° 55' 27.3864" N, 11° 40' 12.5148" E

An abundance of exciting experiences await you at the northwesterly part of Zealand, where Odsherred has a geopark authorized by the worldwide Global Geoparks Network under UNESCO.

Geopark Odsherred is a completely unique ice-age landscape, whose geological conditions have a crucial cultural and historical influence on for example the life of the creative arts in Odsherred and no less on the regional food production, where a man-made change in the landscape has created a historical fundament.

Geoparks are about the past, the present and the future. Geopark Odsherred works with communication and teaching in schools in order to secure, that children and young locals become aware of the landscape that forms the frame around the life, that is being lived and the development it is undergoing.

Geopark Odsherred will come to have a positive influence on the development of business-life. Not only tourism, but also in connection with the development of new products. An example is the development of local foods that are a direct result of the specific soil conditions, climate and location that exist in Geopark Odsherred.

Delegations can gain an insight into how Geopark Odsherred create development and growth for and together with the local population. This could be in the form of an increased focus on sustainability or geo-tourism.

The geopark has two suggestions to guided tours – one by foot and one by bus:

25.000 years in two hours
The geology in Odsherred forms the basis for Denmark’s first geopark, Geopark Odsherred. This hike leads you to the top of Vejrhøjbuen, from where the ideal place for an introduction to the geology of the area can take place. The walking trip from the beach by Vraget (the Wreck) to the top of Vejrhøj will pass through thousands of years of landscape development. Come and experience one of the country’s most enormous verge moraines and how modern 3D-technology can convey the development of the landscape over the previous 25.000 years.

Organizer: Geopark Odsherred
Storyteller: Geopark Odsherred
Duration and meals: 2 hours without meals
Meeting point: Parking lot by Vraget, Vindekilde Strandvej 21, 4540 Fårevejle
Price pr. participant: 125 kr. pr. person, minimum of 15 persons.

5 highlights at Geopark Odsherred
Get introduced to Denmark's first geopark on at guided bus trip in this beautiful landscape. During the trip you will visit some of the most worthwhile places in Odsherred. Experience the cultural history, arts and food production of this area, all of which take their starting point from the special nature and landscape of Odsherred.

Organizer: Geopark Odsherred
Storyteller: Geopark Odsherred
Duration and meals: 4-5 hours including picnic
Meeting point: Parking lot by Vraget, Vindekilde Strandvej 21, 4540 Fårevejle
Price pr. participant: 350 kr. pr. person, minimum of 15 persons.

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