Fehmarn Belt Development's staff is a broad mix of people with academic and practical backgrounds compiled in a manor, that we can cover the projects and task that the organisation is set to do.

Fehmarn Belt Development staff focus on: 

  • business and regional development 
  • international collaborations 
  • branding and marketing 
  • communications and PR consultancy 
  • business consultancy 
  • networking 
  • stategic development
  • business 
  • economic analyzes 
  • project development and project management


E-mail: Mobile: +45 2819 8228 Joined: 1st March 2008 Education: Executive MBA from Henley Business School, England
E-mail: Mobile: + 45 4046 2213 Joined: 1st August 2015 Education: Journalist from Danmarks Journalisthøjskole in Aarhus
E-mail: Mobile: +45 4025 1093 Joined: 1st October 2009 Education: HA & HD
E-mail: Mobile: +45 3089 2156 Joined: 1. maj 2018 Education: Cand.silv., Mini MBA/diplomleder, PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner, Proceskonsulent, Certificeret Businesscoach
E-mail: Mobile: +45 2910 0993 Joined: 1. marts 2017 Education: HA i erhvervsøkonomi
E-mail: Mobile: + 45 2498 0787 Joined: 6. april 2016 Education: Cand.merc. Marketing, Globalization and Culture
E-mail: Mobile: + 49 171 54 55 56 5 Joined: 1. april 2016 Education: Magister Artium Politics fra Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel, Tyskland.
E-mail: Mobile: +45 2328 9044 Joined: 1st May 2012 Education: HH, merkonom in accounting

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