Femern Belt Development would like to see as many Danish companies as possible qualified for work on the Femern Belt project.

We develop and participate in various initiatives and projects precisely for this reason; to increase business and employment opportunities for local and regional companies, taking offset in the Femern Belt project.

We work in close cooperation with Business Hub Zealand, Business Lolland-Falster, Danish Business Council, business schools and colleges, employment centres, etc.

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  • Femern Link as a growth driver. Financed by the Danish Business Promotion Board, the project offers participation to 40 companies from the building and construction sector and service sector. The aim of the project is to use the huge potential of the Femern Belt project as a driver for growth and increased international competitiveness within Danish SMEs.
  • Femern Change Zealand. Financed by the Danish Business Promotion Board, the aim of the project is to develop competitive companies within the building/construction, service and industry sectors as suppliers to the construction work of the Femern Link. Furthermore, the project will contribute to developing all other business sectors along the Femern Corridor from Rødbyhavn to Greve (Zealand).

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Communication and Social Media Consultant Camilla Nordstrøm, phone +45 2972 3024 E-mail:

Camilla has background in science and health, supplemented with a Master Degree course in Professional Communication and has strong organisational competences and practical experience regarding communication. Camilla works with coordination and running of events, communication and branding, as well as:

  • Support and maintenance of web-portals, e.g Femern Belt Marketplace, Femern Housing & Facilities
  • Planning and hosting of business events
  • Communication, SoMe
  • Project assistance – administration and communication