Femern Belt Development can offer a wide range of advice to consortia, companies, public authorities, municipalities and other organisations. Thanks to our extensive networks, we are able to help you find the right partner or authority to help you find solutions to challenges you might be experiencing.

In Denmark, it could apply to e.g. referrals and contact to municipal entities, business development hubs, employment centres and other work-related institutions.

In Germany, we have strong relations throughout the municipalities and public authorities, business development organisations and companies in Schleswig-Holstein.

If you or your employees need overnight accommodation or an overview of available accommodation on Lolland-Falster, you can get more information at Femern Belt Housing & Facilities  

Further informations about Danish and German conditions:


Special advisor Patrick Jarosczinsky, phone +45 2498 0787. E-mail:

Patrick develops cross-border initiatives, events and projects in relation to the Fehmarn project for stakeholders at all levels. With an extensive network in Germany and Denmark, Patrick works to create the best conditions for a successful future with Europe’s largest combined traffic immersed tunnel.