This year's Fehmarnbelt Days will be held in Rødbyhavn, close to the construction site of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel. A Citizen’s Day will be held on the 11th June and a Conference Day on the 12th June.

Conference with a green focus
The conference "Unlocking the Green Potential of a Unified North" on 12th June will be held in English and will take place from 9:30 to 16:15.

There is a limited number of participants at the conference, which will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

The preliminary conference program includes panel discussions on the following topics and will be moderated by Lykke Friis:

Mechanisms and game changers in a thriving cross-border region
Building the Greater Fehmarn Region: opportunities and actions
Interconnected and green entrepreneurship & innovation in the mega-region

The panelists include i.e. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and German politicians, business personalities and researchers.

See the preliminary conference program here

Registration for the conference is now open!
Register for the conference "Unlocking the Green Potential of a Unified North" here

Facts about Fehmarnbelt Days
Fehmarnbelt Days 2023 is organised in collaboration between Lolland Municipality, Fehmarnbelt Business Council, Femern A/S, STRING, Fehmarnbelt Committee, Land Schleswig-Holstein and Region Zealand.