The future viewing ramp in Rødbyhavn forms an arrow towards Germany, where the tunnel goes ashore. Illustration: Femern A/S

The construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel between Denmark and Germany is not only the largest construction project in Danish history, but also a significant tourist attraction.

Femern A/S will now give the many visitors from both Denmark and abroad a better overview of the construction site by establishing a new, high viewing ramp close to the place where the tunnel begins.

The new viewpoint is expected to open to visitors in early 2024.

24-metre high Arrow

The viewpoint named "The Arrow", which will replace the current viewing platform, will be a pointed ramp that extends 217 metres beyond the reclaimed land area and points in the direction of Germany.

The 217 metres corresponds to the length of one tunnel element of the many that make up most of the tunnel.

The viewpoint will be designed as a gently rising ramp with a level access from the bottom up to the top to ensure easy access for everyone. From the bottom, visitors will walk up a wooden nature path. At its highest point, the platform is 24 metres above sea-level.

From here there will be an unique view of the construction site, the tunnel factory and the local surroundings.

The future platform offers a great view over the construction site and towards Germany in the south. Illustration: Femern A/S

Shaped like a large compass needle

The "Arrow (Pilen)" concept takes offset in the direct and continuous connection between Denmark and Germany. The shape is like a large compass needle helping to show the visitors where the tunnel comes up on the German side. The architecture is also inspired by the vast expanses of the coastal landscape, and the green vegetation on "Pilen" helps biodiversity in the area," says architect Kristian Winther from the consultancy company ARUP, which is behind the viewpoint concept.

Another tourist attraction for Lolland

In Lolland Municipality, Mayor Holger Schou Rasmussen is looking forward to being able to present another local attraction.

"With the Fehmarn Belt tunnel, we are getting closer to Europe, and the large construction project has already opened up new opportunities in Lolland. A new and attractive viewing point from which to follow the tunnel construction up close, will give our guests yet another experience in Rødbyhavn," says Holger Schou Rasmussen.

Strongly increasing interest

"As a state-owned company, we have an obligation to ensure that the public can follow the largest construction project in Danish history. We are experiencing a strongly increasing interest in getting as close to the tunnel construction as possible, and we are of course happy about that. A new viewing point will be an important contribution to the narrative of the project and at the same time provide a unique experience when visiting the construction in Rødbyhavn," says Morten Kramer Nielsen, head of communications, Femern A/S.

Facts about "The Arrow"

Length: 217 meters

Highest point: 24 meters

Materials: Soil, recycled steel and concrete

Opening in early 2024

“The Arrow" is designed to grow out of the landscape and point towards the Fehmarn Belt. The bottom of "The Arrow" is designed as a sculptural earthen rampart, while the rest consists of a glued wood laminate deck on a light steel structure. The steel structure is expected to be founded on concrete piles.

"The Arrow" is built with as small a climate footprint as possible by using local surplus soil from the tunnel construction and recycled steel.

The new viewing point will be located at the end of Gl. Badevej, Rødbyhavn, and is designed by ARUP.