The Femern project's foreign employees can look forward to an international programme at Maribo Gymnasium. Photo: Femern A/S

6th September 2023 -

Global Studies is a unique programme with an international focus targeted at both Danish and foreign students.

The initiative is welcomed by Femern Belt Development

From the school year 2024-25, Maribo Gymnasium will offer a new study programme, Global Studies, as part of the high school’s STX-programme. The Global Studies programme is built upon the many positive experiences from Lolland International School, with which Maribo Gymnasium works closely on a daily basis. The Global Studies offer reflects a growing demand and interest in internationalisation among young students alongside the exciting developments in our region, the high school writes in a press release.

Demand for school and education programmes
"We are very pleased that we can offer Global Studies from next school year. Lolland-Falster is experiencing a major boom, driven not least by the Fehmarn project. The high demand for labour is contributing to a very positive influx of new citizens with a foreign background who are looking for school and educational opportunities for their children,"says Principal at Maribo Gymnasium, Michael Levy Bruus

Global Studies as part of the STX-programme
Global Studies is a unique programme with an international focus that targets both Danish and foreign students. The Ministry of Children and Education has approved the school's application to offer a specialisation in the STX-programme, where a large part of the curriculum is taught in English. Global Studies is aimed at students with a foreign background, or a Danish background with an international orientation, or who are considering studying abroad, or who are interested in global issues or just want to strengthen their linguistic and cross-cultural competences. Students with a Danish background in Global Studies are offered Cambridge English, while students with an international background are offered extra Danish lessons. Global Studies will give access to universities both in Denmark and abroad.

Growth and internationalisation
A lot of positive support for Global Studies at Maribo Gymnasium.

"I'm already seeing a very positive interest from parents and students. In addition, the school is experiencing positive support from Lolland Municipality and Region Zealand, because the international focus that Global Studies represents is in harmony with Lolland Municipality's and Region Zealand's current strategic focus on the development of the Fehmarn Belt region. The vision is both to attract new labour as well as contributing to our own local community being better equipped to be part of this growth. With Global Studies, Maribo Gymnasium would like to contribute positively to growth and internationalisation in the region," says Rector Michael Levy Bruus.

International programme in demand
Femern Belt Development welcomes the Global Studies initiative.

"It is fantastic timing for Maribo Gymnasium to launch an international programme right now. There is a demand in the Fehmarnbelt consortia and among the foreign employees on the project who have settled here in the region. I am therefore convinced that this initiative, together with Lolland International School, will move the region into the super league when it comes to attracting international labour to the area," says Stig Rømer Winther, CEO of Femern Belt Development.

He adds that Femern Belt Development will do everything possible to support Maribo Gymnasium's initiative and help raise awareness in the network and among the many contacts the organisation has.

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