The Fehmarn Link transformer station is scheduled to be ready by 2028. Illustration: Femern A/S

23. November 2022


Femern A/S has awarded the contract for a large transformer station that will supply the Fehmarn Belt tunnel and the railway system between Denmark and Germany, as well as on Lolland, with green power.

The contract, with a value of approx. 300 million DKK has been awarded to the Spanish company, Elecnor.

Elecnor has extensive experience from similar tasks all over Europe, Femern A/S informs.

One of the largest facilities in Denmark

The 18 km long Fehmarn tunnel, with electrified railway operation, motorway, ventilation and lighting, requires a constant and reliable power supply. Therefore, the tunnel will have its own, large transformer station close to the tunnel portal in Rødbyhavn.

The transformer station will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in Denmark. It will supply power to the Fehmarn Belt tunnel's railway and a further 10 km of railway on Lolland, as well as the tunnel's technical installations.

Femern A/S has placed emphasis on high standards regarding energy efficiency in the contract, and one of the contact conditions is that the transformer station must have the capacity to be able to serve future electric modes of transport, i.e. charging stations for electricity-driven vehicles.

Green transformation in the transport sector

"The transformer station in Rødbyhavn is central to the operation of the electrical systems both in the Fehmarn Belt tunnel itself and the associated railway. It is also an important part of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel's contribution to the green transformation of the transport sector. We look forward to working with Elecnor on a facility that will not only ensure the power supply, but also meet our requirements that the tunnel operation will be CO2-neutral after it’s opening in 2029," says Jens Ole Kaslund, Technical Director in Femern A/S.

Preparatory work on the transformer station began earlier this year.

Elecnor will begin establishing the transformer station itself in 2023. It will be completed in stages and is expected to be fully completed in 2028, Femern A/S states.