Requirements for COVID-testing of foreign workers

Foreign workers travelling to Denmark are required to take three COVID-19 tests. Firstly, a negative COVID-19 test, taken no more than 24 hours prior, is required to permit entry into Denmark. Secondly, the guest workers must be tested no later than 24 hours after the time of entry into Denmark and finally the third test is to be taken between 48 and 96 hours after the first test. Foreign workers must present three negative tests to be able to break their isolation.

Danish civil registration system caused delays

It has been problematic for foreign workers, e.g. on the Femern project, to obtain the required tests and documentation, as without a Danish civil registration number (CPR) or identification (NemID), they are unable to gain online access to their test results in Denmark.

The limitation in the Danish registration system threatened to delay the work schedule for the international consortia on the Femern Belt project and those of other employers of guest workers in Denmark.

Quick solution found through key relations

Femern Belt Development, together with other Danish and local actors, and the Confederation of Danish Industry, highlighted this issue to the Danish government. A prompt decision was made to launch a platform where foreign workers can access the results of their COVID tests.

The guest workers are now able to create a profile on, and with this profile they can be tested, either at a “TestCenter Danmark” or at one of the mobile test units, without needing an appointment. Subsequently, they can download and print a certificate documenting the required PCR test results.

See more about the Danish Working Environment Authority's requirements for PCR tests and test plan here: Testing plan and PCR test requirements - Arbejdstilsynet (