Stig Rømer Winther
Managing Director

Stig has more than 30 years of experience at managerial level within the tourism and business development sector. He has broad experience of international cooperation and has held board member positions within the tourism industry, cruise industry, airline industry and automotive industry, amongst others.

Stig has been Managing Director for Femern Belt Development and working with the Femern Belt project since March 2008. Over the last 13 years, Stig has built up a vast network among central stakeholders in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein.

Stig’s expertise:

  • Stakeholder interest regarding policy, local authorities, business sectors, business and market branch organisations in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein
  • Strategy related to business development opportunities created by the Femern project
  • Branding Femern Belt Region; Investment opportunities and identification of new companies/business sectors
  • Strategy regarding development of new or supporting infrastructures

Executive MBA fra Henley Business School, England
+45 2819 8228
Date of employment
Work place
Femern Belt Development, Rødbyhavn
Responsible for Fehmarn Belt Development's overall operations and strategy.