Femern Belt Development works for growth and development in Region Zealand and Southern Funen in relation to the construction phase of the Fehmarn project.

We are a central pivot for border-crossing collaboration between Denmark and Germany.

We offer a series of specific business-targeted services based on the opportunities that arise from the construction of the Fehmarn Sound connection and we initiate and actively participate in various development projects and events.

Key point of contact
Femern Belt Development is the key point of contact for companies in relation to the Fehmarn Belt Connection. Due to an impressive network and close collaboration with partners both in Denmark and in Germany, we function as a link between and advisor for companies.

We can create valuable contacts between business, organisations and authorities, etc.

Services and expertise at Femern Belt Development:

  • Key Information
  • Key Business Relations
  • Key Community Relations
  • Events
  • Projects


Managing Director Stig Rømer Winther, e-mail:, tlf. +45 2819 82289

Stig has more than 30 years of experience at managerial level within the tourism and business development sector. He has broad experience of international cooperation and has held board member positions within the tourism industry, cruise industry, airline industry and automotive industry, amongst others.

Stig has been working on the Femern Belt project since March 2008 and has, over the last 13 years, built up a vast network among central stakeholders in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein.